About Western Connecticut Leadership

The WCL Program is an extraordinary eight-session program for proven leaders and accomplished professionals that provides in-depth understanding of current Connecticut issues and community needs. Sessions include behind-the-scenes site visits and off-the-record conversations with key leaders from Connecticut’s nonprofit and public sectors. The Program matches need with know-how and may culminate in the participants’ engagement in meaningful board and volunteer opportunities. Graduates are also eligible to participate in ongoing WCL Alumni Program events which offer an easy and rewarding way to stay connected and further build upon the rich foundation laid during the eight-session program.

Why Should You Join WCL?

1.  You will gain a top-notch “education” delivered in an exceptionally engaging manner.  
Highly interactive, this program takes a unique approach.  Focused, relevant and provocative keynote speakers, panel members, discussion sessions, behind-the-scenes site visits, and walking tours will provide you with keen insights into the issues impacting your community.

2.  You will enjoy plentiful opportunities to forge interesting new relationships. 
Participants are all individuals with “know-how”… leaders in their own right.  By the program’s conclusion– after exchanging ideas and sharing perspectives during Q&A and discussion sessions, at breakfasts and lunches, while riding the bus and touring facilities, during breaks and afternoon cocktail hours– you will have gotten to know individual colleagues both as a resource going forward and as someone you may choose to regularly dine with long after the program is over!

3.  You will likely discover “something new” that resonates with you in a fresh and meaningful way.
Participants will be afforded the opportunity to learn about local organizations and venues where you can choose to combine your interests, skills and talents to make a difference. Literature and contacts will be shared, and volunteer and board opportunities will be highlighted as part of each session.