Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I’m not interested in one of the session days?
Our aim is to engage you in multiple topics, including those in which you may think you have little or no interest. Each day is designed to stimulate conversation among participants through interaction with experts and changemakers in relevant fields. At the very least, you’ll become better informed citizens. At best, you may find a new area of passion! And, of course, by attending all of the days, you’ll continue to build relationships with peers.

2. If I’m not interested in being on a board of directors, why would I be part of this program?
Serving on a board of directors is only one possible opportunity for engagement after completing Western Connecticut Leadership. Graduates from each year of our program actively participate in the alumni group and volunteer in other capacities in the community. There is no fixed path or set schedule for becoming involved after the program. We hope you will learn more about what interests you and see where it leads.

3. Will my information be kept confidential?
Yes, we will keep your application and contact information confidential. If you are accepted into WCL, you will have the opportunity to create a password-protected online member profile which can be viewed by other members of the program, alumni and the Connecticut Community Foundation staff. 

4. What if I miss a session?
We hope that you are able to join us for as many sessions as possible, but we understand that people are busy! In order to ensure that you get the most out of the program, we ask that you miss no more than two sessions during the nine week period.  For a complete list of session dates, click here.

5. Can my spouse and I apply to be in the program at the same time?
Yes, we welcome spouses and significant others to experience the program together. We will encourage you each to form relationships with other individuals in the program.

6. How much does the program cost and when is it payable?
The cost is $650 per participant. This helps to cover the costs of lunch, buses to site visits, and modest donations to organizations that provide space for discussions and speakers.  Payment will be due within two weeks of participant’s notice of acceptance.

7. Can you provide more specific information regarding dates and duration of individual sessions?
Each session is a full day starting about 8:30 a.m. and ending about 4 p.m. Each day includes morning and afternoon breaks as well as lunch. For a complete list of session dates, click here.

8. What is Connecticut Community Foundation?
Established in 1923, Connecticut Community Foundation fosters creative partnerships that build rewarding lives and thriving communities in 21 towns in Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills. The Foundation provides leadership in addressing the region’s critical issues, strengthens local nonprofit organizations through grants and technical assistance programs, and works with individuals, families and corporations to establish and steward scholarships and charitable funds.