About the Alumni Program

Alumni rave about opportunities offered through Western Connecticut Leadership’s (WCL) Alumni Program. Graduates of the  WCL program are automatically eligible for participation.

With the leadership of Ann Merriam Feinberg, WCL ’16 and Lila Coddington, WCL ’17 and supported by Connecticut Community Foundation staff, the alumni are encouraged to build upon knowledge gleaned through the program and encouraged to deepen their engagement in the community through a variety of programs and activities.

We thank the following volunteers who have committed their time and know-how to consistently deliver top-notch programs:

Social and Cultural
Alumni Program Committee
Judith Rifkin, Chair, WCL ’15
Barbara Ajello, WCL ’16
Pam Baker, WCL ’15
Steffen Coleman, WCL ’14
Kate MacKinney, WCL ’15
Susie Magee, WCL ’15

Educational and Topical 
Alumni Program Committee

Harold Kramer, Co-Chair, WCL’16
Larry Rifkin, Co-Chair, WCL ’17
Patrice Gans, Closer Look Lead, WCL ’17
Heston Clapp, WCL’16
Deb Fuller, WCL ’16
Anne Green, WCL ’14
Gail Seymour, WCL ’16
Dan Sherr, WCL ’14

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