About the Alumni Program

About the WCL Alumni Program

 The dynamic Western Connecticut Leadership’s (WCL) Alumni Program has three interlocking goals:

  • helping foster engagement in nonprofit and community endeavors — “Matching Need with Know-How”;
  • strengthening alumni relationships to link like-minded individuals;
  • building on the experiences and knowledge gained through the WCL nine-day program with creative and meaningful programming.

“From art to marketing techniques and from gardens to Board training,
the WCL Alumni programs have offered topics and experts stimulating
both the right and left sides of my brain, while also offering
opportunities to deepen bonds with fellow alumni.”
– Paula Rolleston, Program Participant

Opportunities for Nonprofit and Community Engagement
Many WCL alumni become engaged in new community service and nonprofit work — from board and other volunteer experiences, to working on Foundation committees, and planning future WCL programming and alumni events. Others choose to deepen the community work they were already involved in, using new perspectives and knowledge gained through WCL programs.

The Connecticut Community Foundation staff are always available to help alumni find meaningful ways to contribute their expertise and make a difference in their own towns, in Greater Waterbury and throughout the Litchfield Hills.

Alumni Programs and Events 
Scheduled regularly throughout the year, WCL alumni events take participants to unique and interesting venues–sometimes to further enhance understanding of community issues, sometimes to further hone “changemaker” skills, but always to further strengthen and refresh alumni relationships.

Alumni events and programs build on the experiences of the nine-day WCL course with engaging educational, cultural and nonprofit management topics. Additionally, some events are designed to be purely social such as pot luck dinners, often hosted in alumni homes, and Meet and Mingle brunches, introducing recent alumni to those in prior year classes.